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MC: Retribution 2 Deleted

2010-01-10 11:38:16 by FClock

For some reason all my stuff was deleted so i don't have the second retribution anymore so i cant finish it. I'm not going to try again because it probably won't be done by madness day 2010 so I'm just going to animate small stuff and play CS:S and Half-Life 2. Man those games are awesome :)


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2010-06-28 06:40:28

no, css was awsome, but then the retarded update came :(


2010-08-22 17:15:24

CS:S ftw and so is half life 2 :D


2011-06-16 05:21:03

You traitor

FClock responds:

your mother


2011-07-01 08:01:43

shogar is a spamming piece of scum, just stating the facts